Winning Against My Old Landlord.

It has taken me almost one year, but I finally got my deposit returned to me from my old landlord. They had not put my deposit in a legally required deposit protection scheme. After sending dozens of emails and threatening them with court action, they returned the full amount to me. 

It often seems like people will try their very best to take advantage of students and recent graduates, but people need to have a basic understanding of the law. Students are not as lazy or as naive as many think. The only thing is I feel that universities need to do more to educate students living in private housing about the legal requirements of their landlords and themselves. My old landlord did not comply with their own contract – WHICH YOU MUST READ INCREDIBLY CLOSELY – nor did they protect my deposit. In the end, the latter issue caused them to cave in and return my money to me after being threatened with court proceedings. 

This was just a short note to give a brief update on myself and hopefully remind people to read their contracts and have a basic knowledge of the law when rent is concerned. 

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I applied for eight jobs this evening. Do I get a prize now?

Or does anyone have any information about how to make a living from writing – tips are needed please! Thank you!

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Your Writing

Your words will always be yours.

No one else will ever write your words.

Your words are yours, and yours alone.

Make your words you through and through.

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Anxiety: Part Two

Anxiety: Part Two

I can’t describe the sensation.

It doesn’t make sense.

There’s no narration.

Always feeling incredibly tense.

My limbs are heavy and feel numb.

My heart doesn’t feel as if it belongs to me.

Continuously feeling like I am dumb.

Welcome to the world of anxiety.

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Death And Dreams

Death and Dreams

What if sleep is just a cousin of death?

Would there be anything for us to fear?

Or is living all that we have left?

It is just that death does not feel near

To me, but sleep is closing in tonight.

My eyes grow heavy as I type this

And the slowing of my breathing feels right.

If death is this sleep, will there be dreams I miss?

What if dreams are the cousins of life and living?

Each unconscious moment we still live as we sleep

Can be another experience or a memory I’m not giving

Up for anything. They are mine alone to keep.

Death and dreams are selfish things

That can only exist to only one person at a time.

They cannot be shared which brings

A unique touch to both yours and mine.

But death is calm and does not discriminate

Amongst the things the ones living fight about.

Whilst dreams can bring anger and hate

To cause the weakest person to shout.

Perhaps it is a nice little twist that

Death seems to bring more solace

Than a vicious life filled with combat

That leaves us all awe-less.

I wonder if I can dream when I’m dead.

Or is this thought a current dream in my head?

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Anxiety: Part One

Anxiety: Part One


I know you saw my messages.

I know you know I know.

I didn’t type for pages and pages

And now I feel lost in the snow;

Lost in the wilderness,

I’m lost since I decided to go;

Lost in all the bitterness.

Was it I that decided to go?

Was it not you that made this?

The lack of response did it

It took me from my unique bliss

And threw me into a fiery pit


The message sent two hours ago

And I’m sat here clutching my phone

With absolutely nothing to show.

Is this another chance I’ve blown?

The walls are closing in

As the sky is turning black.

How long has this feeling been

Here, or is it coming back?


Then you call.


Perhaps I should stop over-thinking.

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Me about to go diving off of the coast of Zanzibar. I’m seriously considering getting my Dive Master qualification and starting my own shop in Tanzania. Any thoughts? Also – do I look like a scuba diver?

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January 12, 2014 · 10:54 pm