The Thrill Of The Chase

The Thrill Of The Chase

I am currently sat writing this on my bed

In Margaret Rule Hall, room number: Two -Four- Seven.

The staple student diet of beer and stale bread,

As I aspire for dreams that head towards heaven.

Studying a ‘Bachelor of Arts: History’

At the University of Portsmouth, England.

I love being here and do enjoy my degree,

But, what if, when I finish, my life becomes bland?

What if I lose the thrill of the chase?

I mean, I am doing this degree for pleasure

And the chance to gain more in the bustling workplace,

But I do dream of being in a band on tour,

I see it, jumping around on stage with my bass.

It is highly unlikely that this will become,

But one has to have dreams. One has to believe in

The unlikely. Ergo I continue to strum

Until I find that place, hidden, enclosed within.

To be published! To this I also aspire.

I do not mind for historical or fiction,

With people saying that ‘I am a good writer’.

No worries about my life with benediction.

I am currently sat writing this on my bed

Wondering whether it is worth this much effort.

Instant answer. It is. Dreams flood back to my head.

These are my ambitions even if I fall short.

I am living my life as a student for now.

No sleep.

No food.

No money.

I’m living the dream.

I’ve always wanted to do a degree.

I love to perform music live.

I long to be published.

But, what if, if I achieve these goals, what if, my life becomes bland?

What if I lose the thrill of the chase?

Sweet October Butterfly

Sweet October Butterfly

Good morning, sweet October butterfly

I believe that you are one of the last

As the summer has gone and passed

Away. Like many of your friends.

I’m sure the end is nigh for you, sweet October butterfly.

But do not let that worry you.

Do not let that bring you down.

Although your time is running short,

You have made my day much brighter

On this dreary October morning.

And I hope that you can find some solace in that.

Many may have never seen you.

But I did. And you made me smile.

I hope that helps ease the pain of seclusion,

Sweet October butterfly.



There’s more caffeine than blood

Running through my veins.

The dull pounding in my heart hurts

And these pills don’t ease the pains.

But I have to power through

Because there’s too much to do.

I’ll second-guess my health

If this degree guarantees me wealth.