Look At…

Look At…

Look at the International Space Station, or the vaccines we give children, or the prosthetic limbs, or the images from the Hubble Space Telescope, or the life-support machines, or the architecture of the centuries, or a plane, or a rocket, or a field filled to the brim with crops, or charity workers, or writers, or lovers, or drug addicts, or abuse victims, or burn victims, or a miscarried foetus, or a nuclear weapon, or an automatic machine gun, or a rapist, and still try to argue to me that God exists.

Made Of Glass

Made Of Glass


Why is “being made of glass” an insult?

Sure, it means you’re brittle,

By why is that a way to belittle?

It means you’re more careful – more adult.


Sure, it means you’re transparent,

And people see right through you.

They’ll presume they know all about you,

But they’ll never know your content.


Why does “being made of glass” make you feel the fool?

It’s not an insult – it makes you more pure,

Reliable, honest, truthful, and secure.

A glass person is so much more beautiful.

Terrorist States

Terrorist States

The details are lost in the words.

The anger and beliefs blur them more.

Are we desensitised to their plight?

Or just desensitised to war?

A few minutes at six o’clock,

And a few more minutes at ten pm.

This is all we ever see of the gore,

Yet we do nothing to rescue them?

Few understand the details.

This is not some religious debate.

Can we even try to pick a side?

This is not about a ‘Terrorist State’.

Have you ever been in a warzone?

Not many of us have, thank fuck.

We don’t spend each night scared

Waiting for our houses to be struck.

The majority of those killed

Have been completely innocent!

How dare we allow this to continue?

And why won’t the World assent?

This is about helping people.

You know – those bipedal beings?

You may remember your mother;

Whilst theirs died fleeing…

The men in office make the calls,

Yet none of them are to be seen

At the boundaries of the warzone

Despite that they caused this scene.

‘Innocents die and guilty go free’

Seems to be the lesson learnt here.

Why can’t we just end the bloodshed?

That’s a call to which we can all adhere.

Lay down your arms – both sides.

Stop with the rhetoric and hate.

Please let us help the wounded

And formulate a peaceful State.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”


– Robin Williams        (Took his own life August 11, 2014)

I see you sitting there,

With your head in your hands

And your fingers in your hair

Whilst your tears taste bland.

It’s a taste that you’re used to,

Feeling this year after year,

Is there nothing you can do?…

You drop your days’ last tear

And you wipe them away

Whilst you struggle to stand

You begin to sway,

But you steady your hand

Because you need to show

The world your bright face;

But you don’t want to go

Because you feel out of place.

They’re calling your name

And you stand on the stage

Feeling numb and the same

As you have for an age.

The show all goes well

But you feel nothing inside.

Your brain continues to dwell,

Your eyes dead but wide.

You make the world smile

But you can’t help yourself.

You think for a while

And see the awards on your shelf

But that can’t stop

Your pain that’s on loop.

You tied the belt at the top

And placed your head in the noose.


Alex J. Roberts:

Written by one of my bestest friends in the world, Hannah Palmer! Check it out!

Originally posted on Dressed like all the rest:

So today I finished something I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks.

I didn’t really see myself writing anything, not since leaving school, but recently I’ve been feeling pretty inspired.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Our world is the perfect world.

The others don’t work, they’re dysfunctional, lazy, broken – sputtering through the air, choking on their failures and unanswerable questions.

Our world knows what to do.

It knows what to do. It knows where to go, in what direction to travel – where to find the answers.

But at what cost?

Our world is Erewon. Not Erewhon, that’s been done before – we’ve tried it. It failed. It fell. It looked like it might work, but we were fooled by our own blissful ignorance.

This time we know what must be done to make sure it works.

We know what to do to keep Erewon happy.

If this…

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Stars And Stripes

Stars and Stripes


Oh, how can we say by the dawn’s misty light,

Why so fiercely we stare at red-blue lights gleaming.

Those broad lines and false stars start the perilous fight.

O’er T.V. we watched as their tears started streaming .


And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,


Gave proof through the night their fight was still there.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner fall slack

O’er the land of the rich and another dead black?