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Written by one of my bestest friends in the world, Hannah Palmer! Check it out!

Originally posted on Dressed like all the rest:

So today I finished something I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks.

I didn’t really see myself writing anything, not since leaving school, but recently I’ve been feeling pretty inspired.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Our world is the perfect world.

The others don’t work, they’re dysfunctional, lazy, broken – sputtering through the air, choking on their failures and unanswerable questions.

Our world knows what to do.

It knows what to do. It knows where to go, in what direction to travel – where to find the answers.

But at what cost?

Our world is Erewon. Not Erewhon, that’s been done before – we’ve tried it. It failed. It fell. It looked like it might work, but we were fooled by our own blissful ignorance.

This time we know what must be done to make sure it works.

We know what to do to keep Erewon happy.

If this…

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Suicide is the ultimate argument against Nihilism.

If nothing mattered

Why did I cry so hard when you left us?

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Stars And Stripes

Stars and Stripes


Oh, how can we say by the dawn’s misty light,

Why so fiercely we stare at red-blue lights gleaming.

Those broad lines and false stars start the perilous fight.

O’er T.V. we watched as their tears started streaming .


And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,


Gave proof through the night their fight was still there.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner fall slack

O’er the land of the rich and another dead black?

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Ferguson, MO.

I have written a few poems about my anger at the deaths of black civilians at the hands of American officers recently. I know some of the poems may offend or upset some people – but, as a poet, I write what I feel.

Ferguson, MO

The world switched on,

And tuned in to see

The city of Ferguson,

To see what would be

Of the verdict of a man

Who killed a black teen.

Will they vote for remand?

Or just follow routine?

Twelve jurors met in the night

Three were African-American,

The other nine were white.

In the crowd stood the Klan.

But it’s not about race!”

Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say,

“It’s a complex and difficult case!”

No. It’s simple. Blacks are killed every day.

Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin,

Aiyana Jones, Miriam Carey,

Kimani Gray, Oscar Grant,

Kendrec McDade, Timothy Russell,

Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell,

Eric Garner, Jonathan Ferrell,

Kenneth Chamberlain,

And so many more.

It’s an apartheid state

Where people claim justice,

But practice race-hate.

White privilege injustice.

Fuck your system.

Fuck your laws.

Fuck your ‘trials’.

Fuck your flaws!

It must be great being a white police officer in the United States of AmeriKKKa. You can get paid to kill and not suffer any consequences. What a God-Complex.

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Your Wall

Your Wall

I live in every single picture

You never hung on your wall.

But my frame will never splinter

When your walls begin to fall.

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Second ever pocket shark described

Originally posted on Shark Devocean:

The apparent unfathomable nature of the ocean is what first attracted me to marine biology; the mystery of the unknown. The vast depths of the ocean still hold so many secrets and I find great excitement in the exploration of these alien worlds. We think we have quite a good grasp of these worlds but still in this day and age we are uncovering new species. This week, a team of scientists describe the first record of the pocket shark, Mollisquama sp, from the gulf of Mexico. It is only the second one we have ever seen!

Drawing of second specimen of Mollisquama sp from paper Grace et al 2015 Drawing of second specimen of Mollisquama sp from paper Grace et al 2015

The first pocket shark specimen, a 40cm mature female, was collected from the Nazca Submarine Ridge in the southeast Pacific Ocean in 1984. It was subsequently used to describe that species and until now was the only specimen ever recorded.


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Thought #65

Thought #65

Being paid the legal minimum wage is essentially the same as your employer saying to you “I would pay you less for your time and effort in getting me more money – but sadly it is illegal. So here is the bare minimum. Enjoy!”

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