Meet the Characters

Please meet the three main characters of my work-in-progress novel and share them to the world. The more people that know about them means more pressure on me to get this project finished and out into the world!

Chrissie – I have never been a sociable person. I have never craved attention. I never was the life of a party. I never drew attention to myself. I never flaunted my skills or clothes. I enjoyed being me and keeping me to me. Today was no different.

Stephen – I hate getting the bus. I hate my job. I hate these people around me. I hate the weather. I hate. I don’t hate everything. I love pizza. I love the feeling of new socks. I love getting high. I love the dreams I used to have.

Nicky – The old jumper I usually wear simply isn’t keeping me warm. It’s been over-loved, over-washed, and over-worn. I looked down at my hands and noticed the tips of my fingers were discoloured and slightly blue. I crossed my legs to keep my thighs a little warmer under my leggings. At least it would be warmer on the bus.

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