My next project

Hello! The end is near for my latest writing project – as yet untitled – but I wanted to tell you all about it and how I’ve gone about doing it. It’s a poetry collection, but it was created as one poem every 24 hours for 20 days and written in a way I have never done before. Rather than stepping outside of my comfort zone, I threw myself off the edge of a cliff and hit the ground running.

I have never really clicked with tasks such as writing prompts or “do XYZ in this amount of time”, but there is so much you can learn from embracing something you dislike or don’t fully feel comfortable with. It’s like reading a book you dislike; it’s absolutely fine to dislike it, but why do you dislike it? What is it that doesn’t do it for you? Use everything as a learning opportunity. So that’s what I did! I created a poetry collection in a timeframe I am uncomfortable with, using writing methods that don’t sit well with me, and I have had zero time to edit and overthink these creations.

At the moment, I’m pleased with the creations and the project. I definitely feel I have grown as a writer in a short space of time and it has helped me become more in tune with the stories I am trying to weave. Sure, some are stronger than others, but I’m proud of myself for doing it.

Let’s see how I feel re-reading it all in six months!

Once publishing details have been finalised, I’ll keep you all updated.

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