My next project

Hello! The end is near for my latest writing project – as yet untitled – but I wanted to tell you all about it and how I've gone about doing it. It's a poetry collection, but it was created as one poem every 24 hours for 20 days and written in a way I have … Continue reading My next project

The Flawed Workshop Podcast

Listen to episode 10 of The Flawed Workshop Podcast where we enter the meta-zone! Join us as we discuss our guests so far and what we have learned making this podcast. This has been (and will 100% continue to be) a wonderful journey of self-discovery and learning about the challenges people face when pursuing their … Continue reading The Flawed Workshop Podcast

Bed Time

It was a few minutes after nine at night and my daughter was still awake. She usually went to bed at eight, but I could still hear her restlessly rummaging around her room, probably playing a game or something with her toys. I muted the television programme I was relaxing to before going to bed … Continue reading Bed Time